Church Vandalism in Medford

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Vandals deface a church sign in Medford, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Police and church leaders are asking people to help them find whoever did it.

The pastor at Harvest Baptist Temple says someone took a crowbar and pried off the words on its sign out front. The church’s pastor discovered the vandalism Monday.

“It was built to stay there forever,” said Pastor Bob Gass. “This was a sign that was custom-built at quite an expense, so it’s going to cost us a lot to replace it.”

The pastor said he does not know who did, but says it appears random.

“It’s probably just a crime of opportunity more than anything else or a random act of vandalism. It happens. We’ve been vandalized before, so it’s not something we’re not accustomed to,” the Pastor explained.

Medford Police say churches can sometimes be an easy hit for vandals.

“They have been a target over the years pretty consistently,” explained Lt. Mike Budreau. “Why? We’re not really sure. Maybe because they’re often unoccupied, there usually isn’t anybody around, they’re usually not alarmed.”

Sometimes it can be a little worse than graffiti. In a separate case in July, police say someone threw an explosive object at the Zion Lutheran Church. The repaired are continuing and the investigation is ongoing.

“There have been some positive movements in the investigation,” said Lt. Budreau. “We are working with ATF. It’s still on our radar, still something we’re working on. We haven’t been able to make any arrests nor have we identified any suspects.”

At Harvest Baptist, the pastor hopes people will watch out for who hit their church.

“Usually people talk about this or brag about it…or somebody hears something or maybe sees a portion of the sign laying around somewhere and reports it to the police,” said the Pastor.

Police do not think any of these cases are connected. Anyone with information on either of them should contact Medford PD.


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  1. Jen says:

    Obviously, you are doing something right! The enemy feels defeated because you are winning for the Kingdom. They just vandalize because the enemy wants to distract us. Keep up the great work!!!!

  2. Sue says:

    Were they trying to steal it for copper or whatever it contains for metal scrappers? I recalled the utility pole thefts when I read this.

  3. Ed says:

    GOD know’s who they are, I wouldn’t want to be them trying to explain why they think it’s funny to distory his church to him. I think if these little basterds are cought, They should be hourse whiped in the town square.

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