Church Holds Rededication Ceremony

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Nearly five months after an explosive object burned part of a Medford church, the rebuilding process is over.

The Zion Lutheran Church has replaced its roof and stain glass windows, and repainted its interior and exterior.  It has also rebuilt its large cross, which was also burned in the fire.

The repairs cost the church nearly $200,000 dollars overall.  However, most of those costs were covered by insurance.

Throughout the past four months, church-goers have been meeting in a smaller part of the church as the rebuilding process took place.  Service was held for the first time in the remodeled sanctuary on Thanksgiving.

“In the end this has turned out very well,” said congregation member Nathan Willard. “The community and the congregation here has responded well, and we have a great new sanctuary and a new roof and this really has turned out to be a blessing for this congregation.”

Medford Police and Fire ruled the church fire as arson. Police say two unknown men through something at the cross, possibly a Molotov cocktail.

The church says the public has also worked hard and contributed to the rebuilding process, and they are very appreciative of all of the community support.