Church Continues Search For Vandals

Harvest Baptist

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Harvest Baptist Church and police are still looking for the vandals that defaced a church sign late last week.

Pastor Bob Gass said it is going to cost $2,500 to replace the sign, which he plans to do as soon as possible.  The large stainless steal sign was bolted into a rock fountain near the entrance of the church.  The new sign will be the same as the old one according to Pastor Gass.

“It will probably have a little more secured features than the old one did although the old one was very secure,” said Gass.  ” They had to take a bar or pressure to it to remove it from the rock.  It was bolted right into the rock. Drilled right into the rock. So they had to with some purpose and determination go after that to destroy it the way they did.”

Pastor Gass said the vandalism was mentioned briefly during their church service today, but they did not hound on it because he said there were more important things to be discussed.