Christmas Tree Lots Close

Christmas Tree Lots

MEDFORD, Ore. — Christmas tree lots are clearing out their inventory and shutting down as the holiday season comes to an end.  Several Christmas tree lots have already closed, but some are staying open for a couple more days.

The Candy Cane Lane Christmas Tree Lot said they have been set up since the day after Thanksgiving.  Now more than three weeks later, they are trying to get rid of what’s left of their Christmas trees by marking down the price.

“Just trying to discount them you know to give people the best deal out there, and trying to make sure every family has a tree… you know the ones who can’t really afford, at the beginning of the season the nicer trees you know we try to discount them at the end of the season to make sure everybody has a tree, and the kids wake up to a tree Christmas morning… that’s the main thing here,” said Ken Ferguson, owner of Candy Cane Lanes Christmas Trees.

People were still coming in Sunday afternoon to purchase a last minute Christmas tree.  Candy Cane Lanes said the trees they do not sell by Tuesday will be ground up and turned into mulch.