Christmas Shipping Begins

ups christmasMEDFORD, Ore. – December 3rd marks three weeks until Christmas Eve, and already the number of packages dropped off during the day has doubled at a Medford UPS store.

Right now, store managers say customers and their packages come in waves, but in about a week, they are expecting a strong, steady line every day until the Christmas.

During December, the UPS store takes in around 150 packages a day, up from about 50 a day during the summer months. To avoid the long lines, customers are encouraged to come in early and with address and labels ready to go.

It’s still possible for a package to be delivered on time if dropped off on the 23rd, but to avoid premium costs, store managers say the sooner the better.

“In order to avoid that situation, try to be in here before the 17th. That’s where you’re going to pay the least amount and still get the service where you get the insurance and you have the tracking,’ said U.P.S. Store Manager Randall Harris.

December 17th is considered by store employees the busiest day of the entire year.