Child Sex Abuse Investigation In Ashland

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UPDATE: The Ashland Police Department arrested Torin Eggers at a residence in Ashland at approximately 9:20 p.m. on November 29.

ASHLAND, Ore. – The Southern Oregon High Tech Crime Task Force found more than 200 photos and 6 videos of child pornography on an Ashland man’s media storage card. Officials said 29-year-old Torin Eggers downloaded the child pornography from the Internet using wi-fi on his phone.

Ashland Police are giving Eggers a chance to turn himself in at the police station. On Wednesday, it was official: Eggers was indicted on 7 counts of encouraging child sex abuse in the first degree and 7 counts in the second degree that’s fourteen charges total.

Back in late August, police seized devices from the residence where Eggers lived on North Laurel in Ashland. He no longer lives there the rental home is currently vacant. Ashland Police turned the devices over to the Jackson County High Tech Crime Task Force. Those officials say within one hour they found evidence of child pornography.

“It was more than 200 images of very young children that were being sexually assaulted by adults and there were about six videos of the same kind of activity,” High Tech Crime Task Force Colin Fagan

High Tech Crimes officials say the children in the pornography didn’t appear to be local. They say unfortunately they are able to recognize the photos because they’ve been circulated so much in these cases. So, these were images and videos that have been passed around all around the world.

Ashland Police say Eggers knows he’s wanted for felony an officer told him relatives yesterday. If he doesn’t choose to turn himself in police will step up the effort to find him and then he’ll move through the court system.