Child Pornography Sentencing For Southern Oregon Man

By Yessenia Anderson

MEDFORD, Ore. — After an investigation that began just over a year and a half ago, one Southern Oregon man is now sentenced to several years behind bars for his involvement in downloading and duplicating child pornography.

A county judge sentenced Michael White to three and half years in jail. Investigators say hundreds of pornographic images and videos were found on his computer. That sentencing was handed down this morning. Prosecutors at the Jackson County Courthouse asked for White to serve a decade behind bars, but the judge did not agree with that request.

Investigators were made aware of white’s wrong doings when they began an under cover Internet investigation in January of last year. In August of that year, a search warrant was served and digital evidence was seized from White’s home.

Friday morning, defenders argued investigators were aware of White’s actions and did not intervene, letting charges build up. The District Attorneys Office says their intervention needed to be handled carefully. The defense argued the incident was on-going, saying White never turned off his computer. The judge rejected that position saying each click was a new instance and another violation.

Officials at the Southern Oregon High Tech Task Force say while this case is over, their job isn’t done. Approximately 60% of their cases are related to child sexual abuse.