Child Pornography Found In Ashland Home

ASHLAND, Ore. –- Thursday morning, Ashland Police searched a house on the 200 block of Laurel Street and found child pornography.

Ashland Police and the High Tech Crimes Unit are investigating the sex crime as a team. Ashland Policeman Tighe O’Meara said there’s no evidence at this time to believe any Ashland children were the victims of this person’s actions.

However, police did find evidence that this man owned child pornography and made an effort to distribute it. Since the victims don’t appear to be local, police say it’s tough to know where in the world the pornography originated and where the children became victims.

“You see these images of children being attacked and it’s really gut wrenching and to know that you can’t really do anything about it…the actual victimization is hard to take sometimes,” said O’Meara.

Officials expect to wrap up the investigation by the first week of October.