“Chew on This Tour” Stops in the Valley

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — A nation-wide tour made a stop in the Rogue Valley Tuesday afternoon. It’s all in effort to raise awareness of world hunger and other food issues.

The “Chew on This Tour” is part of “The Drive to Feed the World” campaign. The Mobile Education Unit is a unique interactive road show aiming to teach visitors more about improving problems with world hunger, food safety and food quality.

Event organizers say it also points out the hard work of farmers in the United States.

“It’s kind of a tribute to the American farmer and how they’re rising to the occasion to create more food for a population that’s increasing a lot,” says Barry Robino, Grange Co-Op’s CEO.

The Grange Co-Op┬ásponsored┬áthe “Chew on This” visit to the expo in Central Point. Feedback was gathered by event officials to add to ideas of how to solve the issues and continue to raise awareness.


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  1. Robert Larus says:

    There was no information at this event. Only misinformation. It all leans heavily on a 2012 Stanford study that has been totally debunked as junk “science” (by their definition of nutrition, Frosted Flakes are better for you than apples; small wonder a Big Tobacco “scientist” is behind it).

    Better living through chemistry… they want us to believe that factory farmed meat and dairy is just as wholesome as pasture raised organic! Shame on KDRV for pushing this puff piece. The tour doesn’t even try to address the real issues behind world hunger.

    Check out the comments on Grange Co-op’s FB page for lots of links to real information.

  2. Elise says:

    This tour is providing an excellent message to Americans who are only informed by what they see on TV. The agricultural industry is fighting an uphill battle with all of the misinformation flying around about our products. I hope this is just the start of “the truth” getting out. I sincerely hope if you see this big red truck you take the few minutes to go and watch!!

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