Cheetah Cub Saved By a Helping Hand

WINSTON, Ore. — A tricky birth almost took the life of a cheetah cub this past weekend, but with fast acting staff, a life was saved and a star was born. Wildlife Safari welcomed its 174th cheetah born at the park through the internationally recognized cheetah breeding program. On May 3, first time cheetah mom, Moyo, stopped eating, which gave the cheetah keepers the sign that she was ready to give birth. However, the keepers watched her for signs via surveillance cameras and became concerned when she was ignoring her cub immediately after birth.

Newborns can only survive minutes without being removed from the birthing sack and cleaned, so staff quickly stepped in to save the cub’s life, according to Wildlife Safari. Staff removed the sack, cleaned the cub’s airway and stimulated the cub to take its first breath. With mom’s refusal to care for the newborn, it was rushed to an incubator inside Wildlife Safari’s animal hospital.

Wildlife Safari staff are reporting the newborn is doing well now, he’s taking his bottle, and is even starting to put weight on. “Given this rare opportunity to hand raise the cub, he will soon become an ambassador for his species,” said Carnivore Supervisor Sarah Roy.

We have not heard any reports of the cub’s name yet, but with a story like that, it is sure to be something inspiring.