Charter Schools React To Superintendent

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford School Superintendent Phil Long’s possible departure would also have a big impact on the area’s charter schools, which the superintendent says typically face a lot of scrutiny from communities and school boards.

John VanDeloski, director of Logos Charter School, says he regrets the board’s decision not to vote on Long’s contract. He says that working with Long was one of the reasons why they chose to locate in Medford School District in the first place.

“It was very clear when we got done that this is an administrator who is respectful and will give us a fair hearing and made no promises, but we were very comfortable that this was the obvious choice,” said VanDoloski.

Jackson County’s two charter schools, Madrone Trail and Logos, recently had their charters renewed with Long’s support. Between the two, they have added roughly 900 students to the district’s enrollment.

This comes as the Medford School Board is poised to vote on adding another charter school, which would be run by Kids Unlimited at Monday night’s board meeting, community members gave mixed feedback about the proposal.

Some believe it would help lower-income kids and those who already go to Kids Unlimited for after school activities. Others are concerned it could impact other school’s title one budgets for next year. The Medford School Board will be voting on the application at an upcoming meeting.