Oregon Flag Bill Clears Senate

Pledge of AllegianceSALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Senate has passed a bill that would require charter schools to display the American flag in their classrooms, as public schools are already required to do.

The original bill would have required schools to lead students in a daily recital of the pledge of allegiance. Lawmakers backed off that proposal, which riled civil-rights advocates it would impose on students’ free-speech rights, as well as their religious freedom because of the phrase: “under god.”

The bill first went to the house, which backed the original draft but had to sign off on the changes. The office of Rep. Sal Esquivel, who sponsored the bill, said one of the original intentions of the revision was to change the wording to a more direct statement so misinterpretation was limited.

After a concurrence in the House to recognize the amendments, the bill will head to Governor John Kitzhaber’s desk for his signature.