Charter School Waiting Lists Get Longer

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. — Crater Lake Charter Academy in Eagle Point is the newest charter school in Southern Oregon and is enrolling students for fall. As this new school begins enrolling,¬†waiting lists remain lengthy for the existing non-traditional schools in the area. More people reportedly attempt to enroll in local charter schools each year. Some students are behind nearly 40 people in line to attend this fall.

Crater Lake Charter Academy’s Bryan Wood said public education is a great thing that serves a lot of students well, but some have special needs. “This allows us to create that one-on-one plan that is specifically about that child and that individual and that’s tough to accomplish otherwise,” he said.

The school is in Eagle Point and is set to open to anyone in the area, kindergarten through 12th grade. The kindergarten through fifth grade will use a home-schooling approach and the older students will use a virtual approach. But both will work on a blended model.

“If you want to move quicker and be at an advanced pace and things come easy for you, you can just work at home but when you encounter than one problem that’s giving you a road block or keeping you from progressing then you can come down and meet with a teacher work through it together,” said Wood.

While this school opens for enrollment, the other existing public charter schools in the area are just adding to waiting lists.

There are a few dozen spots open in 7-12th grades, but kindergarten through sixth grades are full at Logos Public Charter School. Some students are behind 30 people on the waiting list to get in this fall.

Logos officials are working to hire more teachers to accommodate more students and is considering purchasing a new facility that could be in operation by next fall.

Registration for Crater Lake Charter Academy ends July 31st. Click here for more information.