Charter Employee Charged With Theft

MEDFORD, Ore. — A man has been cited and released from the Jackson County Jail after being accused of stealing more than $12,000¬†worth of jewelry.

Robert Spomer is charged with aggravated theft and theft in the first degree. He was employed by Charter Communications at the time of the incident.

87-year-old Lucille Trowbridge says several rings were taken while Spomer was repairing a phone wire insider her home.¬†She was in the house at the time, but didn’t notice the valuables missing immediately.

“I’m not no young person, but if I would have been near him, I would have given him the upper cut,” said Trowbridge.

Medford Police say they do see cases like this, but they are rare. A statement released from Charter says every employee must undergo a drug test and background check prior to employment. Spomer has been terminated from Charter.


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  1. Ben says:

    Cited and released? I know people who have spent days in jail over pot. Lets stick it to the victimless criminals, and let the real ones go! Winters ’14 (not)

  2. elaine o says:

    What kind of reporter says where she hides her jewerly now? You just put her in danger with other thieves!! :-!!!

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