Charging Station Bill Proposed

MEDFORD, Ore. — “As common as the vending machine” – that’s what one electric vehicle leader in the Rogue Valley hopes will come of e-vehicle charging stations if new legislation wins approval.

The Senate approved a bill nearly unanimously on Monday morning. The bill would allow state agencies partner with any private business to install a charging station, meaning a web of stations would exist for long distance travel.

Supporters, like Brammo’s CEO Craig Bramscher, believe this would increase the intrest in electric vehicles, thus decreasing their price, and decreasing the cost for the electric charge.

“With more and more people able to charge it make it much much less expensive over the long haul,” said Bramscher.

Supporters of Senate Bill 5-36-A say 80% of electric vehicle owners charge soley at home. The bill now goes to the House.