Changes For Oregon In Student Grading

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MEDFORD, Ore. – A new law has students across the state facing stricter graduation requirements. Students at secondary schools in the Medford School District, like at Central Medford High School, will soon see changes in their grading and school work. The district plans to make these changes gradually in the next two years.

Superintendent Phil Long says the state law is changing graduation requirements including passing state exams in reading, writing and math. So, to prepare, the district is altering how students will earn their grade and that could mean students will most likely have a heavier work load. The district will take note of attendance, attitude, and completion of work, but that will no longer count with the student’s grade.

“I think what we’re really saying is that those A, B, C grades are going to be based on what kids can do and that they’ve showed us that they can do it. So, it really actually strengthens the integrity of those grades,” said Superintendent Long.

Graduation success doesn’t just fall on the students shoulders. In order for students to stay on track, it also means teachers will be working hard. The superintendent says teachers are taking workshops and getting professional training to bring different methods to the classroom.

The superintendent has already sent out letters to families of secondary students letting them know about these changes. The district also plans to keep communication lines open with parents and students through future meetings and the district’s website.