Changes Coming to Lozier Lane

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The city of Medford is moving forward on improvements to a road prone to accidents. Lozier Lane could become more people-friendly, safer to walk along and ride a bike on.

There’s no question the road is dangerous for anyone walking or biking; there’s no bike lane and only a very slim shoulder. It’s these characteristics that the city of Medford wants to change. On Thursday, in a council meeting, they talked about moving forward in the Lozier Lane issue, pinpointing it as top priority.

Earlier this month, three children were struck by a driver along Lozier Lane. The hit-and-run incident is among other reported incidents along this road. On Thursday, city council members talked about how they’d pay for a center turning lane, a sidewalk and a bike lane on both sides of the road.

“This project is only about 60 to 70% funded, and it will take us some more time to raise the additional funds for actual construction to take place, and that may not happen for a few years,” explained Medford City Councilman Al Densmore.

Part of improvement area for Lozier Lane is in the city of Medford and the other part is in Jackson County jurisdiction, but the two will work together on a likely cohesive plan. The money the city is asking for to fund these improvements could come from the Oregon Department of Transportation, which is the money from the taxes residents pay on gasoline.