Change of Season Doesn’t Change Danger

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — ┬áThe start of fall in southern Oregon doesn’t mean a let up in fire danger. Officials with The Oregon Department of Forestry say this is about as dry as it gets.

“We haven’t had measurable rain in a big part of southwest Oregon for 90 to almost 150 days” said Brian Ballou with ODF.

The fire danger level remains at extreme, meaning burning of any debris is still banned until the end of fire season, which could be as late as the end of october. There are alternatives for those who want to clean their yard without burning the debris.

“We take this material and we grind it and make a finished product compost out of it” said Owner of Southern Oregon compost, Jeremy Crouse.

Crouse says dropping off yard debris for a small fee is safer and more productive than burning in a barrel.

“Without the smoke and dangers of burning this is a great alternative to you having a slash pile in your back yard or a burn barrel” said Crouse.

Fire season has no set end date and instead will continue until there is a half an inch of measurable rain in Jackson and Josephine Counties.