Change of Plans For Josephine County

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A plan to put a measure on the May ballot to create a public safety district for Josephine County may not happen after all.

A new plan put forward by County Commissioner Simon Hare instead calls for a five year serial levy at a slightly lower tax rate than they considered just a few days ago for the district plan. Hare says a levy would cost about a $1.48 per thousand assessed value and would provide eight deputies for public and private school protection, and more animal control staff.

“The other element of this levy, and the difference between the district, is this has um, a definite sunset. My proposal is not for the taxpayers to be burdened with this indefinitely,” said Board Chairman Simon Hare.

Hare hopes that within five years more permanent funding can be found. He says an order will have to be filed with the county clerk by February 7th to make the May ballot. A hearing already planned for the 7th could include discussion of this latest proposal.