CERT Training for Local Businesses

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ASHLAND, Ore. – On Thursday, a national emergency report card reveals the state of Oregon is not making the grade in preparedness.

The city of Ashland is trying to do its part is getting Rogue Valley residents ready, including local businesses like Standing Stone Brewing Company.

This week the Ashland Fire & Rescue and Ashland Community Emergency Response Team or CERT offered a workshop for local business owners, operators and employees.

The idea is to be ready before a major disaster hits. Next month, employees will learn how to handle the emergency when it hits and moving forward.

“The next meeting is really going to focus on creating emergency operation plans for the business and the continuing operation plans so they’re a little different in that we’re talking about emergency. In the emergency and continuing that’s following the emergency,” said Terri Eubanks with the CERT.

There are two more workshops planned for the near future on the third Wednesday of February and March.