Central Point to Vote on Dispensaries

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Beginning on March first, legalized medical marijuana dispensaries will open their doors throughout Oregon after House Bill 3460 was signed into law last year. ┬áLast week, the Central Point city council passed a resolution acknowledging the upcoming change and added some extra restrictions.

The resolution will go to a second reading and vote at next week’s city council meeting, and mayor Hank Williams says it will likely pass and have an emergency clause attached to it so it will take effect before march 1st.
The city council added additional buffers including limiting dispensaries to within 500 feet of the nearest residence, and business hours they can be open.
Mayor Williams said the move doesn’t mean he or city council are in favor of dispensaries, but they are hoping to avoid expensive and unnecessary litigation.

“We feel it’s inevitable, we don’t have enough money to fight the law suit from the state and we’re trying to get ahead of the problem by establishing some controls that will keep it from getting out of control,” said Mayor Williams.

The next City Council meeting is Thursday, February 27th.