Central Point Superintendent Search

CENTRAL POINT, Ore.– Central Point School District is looking for a new superintendent and part of the requirements for the job are being written up by the community he or she will serve.

A new person will be taking on the leadership role at District 6, but before that happens, community members gathered to give their input on what kind of a superintendent should be walking into those offices.

Monday’s meeting was led by Donna Herren, an executive search consultant with Oregon School Board Association. She said the process of naming a new superintendent will consist of gathering both staff and community input on the criteria for the new hire. Amongst those who attended Monday evening were current and former educators.

On the top of their list for requirements were previous teaching experience and an ability to keep lines of communication open. Two community forums will be held Tuesday at the district office; the first at 5:30, the second at 7:30.