Central Point Approves Marijuana Tax

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — The Central Point City Council passed a second reading of an ordinance on Thursday night that will tax medical and recreational marijuana. Even though the mayor and city councilors have made it very clear that they don’t want any form of marijuana anywhere in Central Point.

In a unanimous vote, Central Point City Council will now have a five percent sales tax on medical marijuana, and 10 percent sales tax on recreational.

This is an ordinance put in place as a safety net if voters pass a ballot measure in November for the legalization of recreational marijuana. A referendum on the ballot prohibits cities from taxing recreational pot if it is passed, so many cities are putting the tax in place now.

However, many people oppose taxation of medical marijuana, saying that other medicines and prescriptions are not taxed in the state. To that argument, Mayor Hank Williams cited information from the recent Oregon Mayor’s Conference.

“The typical marijuana cardholder is 24 years old suffering from stress. So the medical marijuana, I feel is being abused substantially, and it’s going to cause problems just like the recreational will,” said Mayor Williams.

Now that it’s passed the second reading, the marijuana tax will take effect in Central Point in 30 days.


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  1. Keith Mansur says:

    I dont know where this mayor got his information, but it is all false and misleading. If the Oregon Association of MAyors told him this, it just shows the bias against this medicine. He and the council has no business deciding for everyone in the town, based on ignorant opinions and against the will of the OMMA, whether they will allow medical marijuana. And, taxing a medicine is vile and repulsive, as well. KDRV should have corrected his statement about the OMMA refering to both the age and the “stress” comment… Bad form KDRV

  2. Rhea Graham says:


    Someone seems to be blowing smoke at you … stress is not a qualifying condition for an OMMP card no matter what your age is. I do wish you would learn the truth about the Cannabis plant and the many healing qualities it holds. You should also know that most patients in the OMMP are well over 50 years old, our oldest patient was 95 …

    Please stop stereotyping, it doesn’t look good on you and many of your constituents are cardholders who vote!

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  4. Citizen A says:

    It’s unclear from the article whether Mayor Williams cited any credible medical marijuana demographic report or if he is just passing on something he heard. Just because he says it, doesn’t make it so.

    Further, he seems to be saying that those diagnosed with a condition by a doctor should only be allowed to received non-taxed medications from the pharmaceutical companies. I fully agree with a recreational marijuana tax and I personally do not use either medical or recreational marijuana. The passage of any tax on a prescription drug is absurd.

    This just amounts to – “I want my cut!” Get your hand out of the cookie jar.

  5. April420 says:

    Hank Williams (!) is sadly misinformed, and it is rather appalling for the mayor to even make such inaccurate and downright ignorant statements. “Stress” is not a qualified condition for medical marijuana. Most medical marijuana patients are over 50 and have debilitating illness(es). I dearly would like to know what this village idiot thinks the “problems” of recreational marijuana constitute. Massive consumption of snack foods?

    This clearly biased council in Central Point has no place in deciding what is best for the people who treat their illness with medical marijuana. They don’t want MM anywhere in CP, yet have a tax on it anyway?!? You simply cannot have it both ways. Greedy bureaucratic morons.

    Taxing a prescription drug is a criminal act, biased against those already sick and most likely trying to survive on a marginal income as it is. Adding insult to injury is cruel and unusual punishment. Mayor Williams, you’re clearly going to been in need of Alzheimer’s drugs; how would you feel if you were heavily taxed for those?

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