Cell Phone Driving Sting In Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is cracking down on distracted driving, particularly cell phone use. Friday, sheriff’s deputies held a sting at the corner of Table Rock and Vilas in Medford.

Officers posted lookout at the corner of the intersection while chase cars waited nearby to stop and charge people illegally using their cell phones, among other offenses. Deputies say these sting operations are a good opportunity to crack down on a number of illegal activities.

“It sometimes turns into something else like suspended drivers or warrants or something like that, but the initial contact is for a pretty low level violation, and predominantly those are cell phone violations,” explained Sgt. Dace Cochran

Deputies say they have even found outstanding felony warrants through stings. Their previous sting netted around 75 citations, half of which for cell phone use.

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