Celebrating & Clean Up Come Together After 4th of July

By Danielle Craig

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — The organizations behind the big “Red, White and Boom” celebration say celebrating and clean up come hand in hand.

It was the show to see: Southern Oregon’s biggest event, “Red, White and Boom”, brought in a record number of people celebrating Independence Day. An estimated 3,500 people filled the seats of the Lithia Motors Amphitheater; that’s a thousand more than last year.

In the display’s second year at the Expo, it estimates about 15,000 people gathered to see the show from the parking lots and surrounding areas. Now, the only evidence of Southern Oregon’s biggest party is littered fireworks and candy wrappers.

While Central Point Parks and Recreation is reporting a record amount of trash for their crews, the Jackson County Expo and Chamber of Medford-Jackson County say it’s nothing out of the ordinary. The Chamber of Medford-Jackson County says clean up is expected after any kind of festivity.

The only responsibility as far as clean-up goes, for the Expo and Chamber, is the fairgrounds. Thursday, workers from the Chamber came out to clear the amphitheatre of trash. Friday, Jackson County inmates finished the clean up, focusing on the parking lots.