Cave Junction Post Office Burns Down

Cave junction post office fire**Update** U.S Postal Service Representatives are on the scene at the Cave Junction Post Office trying to salvage any mail left from the fire. They are also trying to figure out alternate routes for mail in coming weeks, but customers in the rural routes will continue to get service. They also say anyone expecting mail or packages today should go to the Selma office. Representatives say anything left inside the building was more than likely burned.

CAVE JUNCTION, Ore.– Illinois Valley Fire officials have confirmed the Cave Junction Post Office is completely demolished. They say a fire overnight destroyed the entire building. Officials do not yet know what the cause of the fire is and are investigating.

Officials say the walls are still standing, but the roof completely collapsed. Rural Metro and Grants Pass Fire Officials were all on scene. Portland representatives are on their way to figure out what to do for mail delivery in the near future.


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  1. Phil Davies says:

    They don’t have to worry. There are lots of dead sawmills they can buy real cheap.

  2. J Twedell says:

    being this close to the first of the month I’d say about 80 percent of that town is coming out of their skin right now.

    Just sayin…..

    1. Beth says:

      @J Twedell
      I guess you are lucky enough to have a job that provides for you and your family, good for you. Not everyone is so ‘lucky.’ No reason to be mean. Oh, “just sayin'”.

  3. tlynn says:

    So sorry to hear this. I know the Post Master personally, and this is such a sad sad story for all of the employees as well.

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