Cave Junction Overnight Shooting

Junction Inn shooting

CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. — Oregon State Police troopers responded to reports of shots fired in Cave Junction overnight.

Witnesses say the shooter and the victim had been drinking together in the bar and then left. A man came into a bar at the Junction Inn, claiming someone had been shot. Officers say a man claiming to be the shooter asked for help for the victim, who he said was a friend. State police secured the inn at gunpoint and say the victim was shot once in the shoulder. OSP troopers have a man in custody in connection with this incident.

Officials have not confirmed the extent of the victim’s injuries or the cause behind the shooting. The investigation is ongoing.


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  1. emmitt jackson says:

    makes me wonder how many OSP troopers were on hand, way out in Cj? long ago greedy city fathers disbanded the police force so they could use the money elsewhere,there own pay raises’ so the county sheriff,s dept was contacted out to provide protection,9hows that working out for ya now Cj?) little or no county cops on patrol now, so its safe to assume that the OSP being short staffed for years now are also thin, not agood or safe thing for them, iam sure,people need to put there prioritys right and get there public safety back on track again, taxs hurt, however life and limb hurts worse’

  2. Tom says:

    Go back to California Emmitt.

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