Cautions Issued For Tsunami Debris

AGATE BEACH, Ore. — A Klamath Falls company is among six that have submitted bids to remove the dock that washed up on Agate Beach. That company has entered a bid of nearly $116,000 to tow the dock to Newport. There are 5 other companies that entered bids.

The dock is debris from last year’s tsunami in Japan, landed on Oregon’s coast on June 5th. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department says it will take a few days to determine which bid they will choose. Nearly 13,000 vehicles have been reported visiting agate beach in the past week – that’s compared to the 2,000 vehicles that visited the beach during that same week last year.

As crews determine what they will do with that dock, more debris from Japan is washing ashore. Most of the debris includes Styrofoam and plastic, which officials say should just be recycled. But if you find parts of ships or shipping containers, call the Coast Guard and don’t move it.

As for mementos or possessions, call the Parks Department; with potential hazardous materials like oil or chemical drums, gas cans, or propane tanks, don’t touch or move them and immediately call the Parks Department.

Here are specific instructions and contact information if you encounter tsunami debris:

+ Litter and other typical marine debris. Examples: Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, buoys, Styrofoam. If practical, you are encouraged to remove the debris and recycle as much of it as possible. Use your judgment — if you see a significant amount of debris or anything you think might be related to the tsunami, send an email with the date, location and photos to beach.debris@state.or.us.

+ Derelict vessel or other large debris item. Examples: Adrift fishing boat, shipping containers. Contact 911. If the debris is a hazard to navigation, contact the US Coast Guard Pacific Area Command at 510-437-3701 for assistance. Do not attempt to move or remove vessels.

+ Mementos or possessions. Examples: Items with unique identifiers, names, or markings. If an item can 1) be traced back to an individual or group and 2) has personal or monetary value, contact the department at 1-888-953-7677 or by email at beach.debris@state.or.us so we can make appropriate arrangements for return of items to Japan.

+ Potential hazardous materials. Examples: Oil or chemical drums, gas cans, propane tanks.

Call the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802 to report the item with as much information as possible. Do not touch the item or attempt to move it.

For more information, contact Chris Havel:
503-986-0722 (desk)
503-931-2590 (cell)