Cause of Pacifica Fire Investigated

7-19 WILLIAMS FIRE 4WILLIAMS, Ore. — People living in the Williams area are sharing what they saw leading up to last week’s wildfire.

Some neighbors said the fire appeared to start near or at the Pacifica Gardens. One neighbor said he saw people trying to pat out the fire near where a sweat lodge ceremony was being held.

Fire investigators said they had been informed about the event, but said they do not know if that is what started the fire. They said there were many people in the area that day and do not know if the flames were sparked by a cigarette or a vehicle. Neighbors said the flames spread quickly.

“South of Pacifica had suddenly gone up in flames and smoke, so I went back up to the cell tower here and spent the rest of the afternoon watching all the helicopters and bombers in the world circle out valley,” said neighbor Laird Funk.

The Pacifica Fire burned more than 500 acres and forced evacuations last Friday.