Cats Survive Central Point House Fire

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Two cats survived a house fire in Central Point but they have some pretty severe injuries.

Neighbors found the injured felines outside their Central Point home Monday and the Siskiyou Veterinary Hopsital took them in. The first cat, Domino, is doing alright although he has smoke inhalation. But China on the other hand, lost her long hair, whiskers, eye brows and parts of her ears and pads of her paws.

“Smoke inhalation is so much worse for these guys, even for people cause they’re lungs are a lot smaller, just really sensitive to any of the particles not very far from the nose down to the lungs so it doesn’t take much at all to really do a lot of damage,” Dr. Lynn Babbit from the veterinary hospital explains.

Donations are being accepted for the cats treatment. You can contact the Siskiyou Veterinary Hospital for more information at 541-773-1335.