Shifting Back to Active Weather Tomorrow

WEATHER DISCUSSION A nice Saturday was the result of a small area of high pressure that separates two storms. Yesterday’s cold front was quick moving and weak. Still, it did well to drop a little over a half inch at the coast and over a quarter for the Cascades, west. Showers pretty much fell apart … Continue reading »

Mainly Dry Sat., More Rain & Wind Sun.

WEATHER DISCUSSION A cold front made its way onshore Friday afternoon, and some locations along the coast have already seen measurable rainfall.  That front moves inland through the overnight hours into early Saturday morning.  The cold front has sparked a few lightning strikes, so a rumble of thunder or two cannot be ruled out tonight. … Continue reading »

Spring Brings Active Weather With It

WEATHER DISCUSSION Vernal Equinox — The First Day of Spring Our two-day high pressure ridge is breaking down and allowing for clouds to move in from the west. A cold front is moving towards the west coast and bringing showers with it. Rain will start falling shortly but will pick up intensity in the afternoon, and … Continue reading »

The First Day of Spring Brings Changes

WEATHER DISCUSSION Temperatures have been above average for the last several days, but on the first day of spring, we’ll be a few degrees cooler than in days past.  By the time we reach the beginning of next week, highs will be about five degrees below average, and we will actually bring some snow back into … Continue reading »

Ask the Meteorologist: Turbulence

  The fear of flying, or “aviophobia,” is shared by many people. One of the biggest causes of this fear is turbulence. Turbulence in an airplane can be discomforting for some, but downright scary for others. There are many ways that turbulence is caused, and clouds are definitely one of them! Before we get into … Continue reading »

Another Warm and Sunny Day

WEATHER DISCUSSION High pressure continues across the region, keeping sunny skies and warmer afternoons in play. A few light cirrus will paint the sky and temperatures will rise 10-15 degrees above season average. This morning has proven similar to yesterday’s. Cold to Chilly overnight temperatures and western river valley fog. Fog will lift a few … Continue reading »

Ask the Meteorologist: Water Year

ASK THE METEOROLOGIST “My question has to do with the water year.” Randy Miltier, Phoenix, OR The water year s is a different time frame for  measuring the annual precipitation, instead of using the calendar year.  Our water year begins on October 1 and runs through September 30 of the following year.  They are named for … Continue reading »

Mostly Sunny & A Bit Warmer Thursday

WEATHER DISCUSSION Another day of mostly sunny skies helped highs climb to about ten degrees above average.  Those skies were mostly clear last night, and with the recent solar storm, we have seen an uptick in the Northern Lights.  In fact, the aurora was visible  as far south as Crater Lake last night.  We stand … Continue reading »

Dry, Sunny, and Warm For a Few Days

WEATHER DISCUSSION Clouds are on their way out, and temperatures are beginning to warm in the afternoons. We sit in between two active weather patterns. One came through last weekend and lasted until yesterday. The next will start on Friday. Until then, high pressure will cause inactivity to be the case. We will start with … Continue reading »

Sunshine Returns, Brings Warmer Temps

WEATHER DISCUSSION Tuesday morning began with a few light showers across the area, but some places saw some measurable rainfall, too.  In fact, Klamath Falls recorded about a quarter of an inch of rainfall before noon.  That now puts Klamath Falls above average for its water year total.  To put that in perspective, all other locations in … Continue reading »

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