“Spring-Like” For the Weekend

WEATHER DISCUSSION Temperatures are still on the upswing as the dominant ridge of high pressure strengthens overhead. Both afternoon and morning temperatures have been on a steady incline of about 2-7 degrees each day. This will allow for the warmest temperatures so far this year to come into play this weekend. A spring-like 70 degrees … Continue reading »

Sunshine Keep Temps Feeling Spring-Like

WEATHER DISCUSSION Even though temperatures started in the 20’s and 30’s across the region, afternoon highs rose into the upper 60’s and 70’s in many locations.  These values are about ten degrees above average, and we will be even warmer heading into the weekend.  Rain chances remain out of the forecast until our pattern starts … Continue reading »

2015 Fire Season Early & Severe

MEDFORD, Ore., — Senator Ron Wyden made a last minuted stop at Medford’s BLM office. During a debriefing he met with several wildfire suppression and wildfire prevention experts from the Rogue Valley.  The Democrat had two goals in mind at the meeting: get an early outlook on the 2015 wildfire season in southern Oregon and … Continue reading »

Ask the Meteorologist: Satellite Imagery

ASK THE METEOROLOGIST “How Do You Get Your Satellite Pictures?” Sam Hamilton, Jacksonville Elementary Satellites are a big part of the forecast process. It’s good to know what’s going on above us, but looking outside, we can only see so far. Satellite pictures give us an overhead view of the weather patterns over a large … Continue reading »

Temperatures Continue Warming

WEATHER DISCUSSION Over the last few days, a steady warming trend has been taking place in the afternoon. If you recall, last weekend we had cloud coverage. This shielded most of the incoming solar radiation, keeping us near average for afternoon highs. We were also under weak high pressure, and stronger low pressure. Lower pressure … Continue reading »

Ask the Meteorologist: Hail Size

ASK THE METEOROLOGIST “What’s the biggest hail stone you’ve ever recorded?” Ethan Cano,  Jacksonville Elementary Well, I was a little too young to think to measure the hail stones at the time because I wasn’t quite a “weather weenie” yet, but a historic hail storm is actually what sparked my love of weather. It was … Continue reading »

We’ll Be Keeping the Sunny Skies

WEATHER DISCUSSION High pressure is continuing to build into the region, and the ridge is only going to strengthen as we head toward the weekend.  That means more sunshine in the afternoons, but cold, clear nights and frosty mornings.  Overnight lows in the basin will be in the teens and 20’s, with lows in the … Continue reading »

Sunny Skies and Warming Temperatures

WEATHER DISCUSSION As higher pressure sets in, temperatures are on the rise. High pressure is associated with warmer temperatures, and the clearing from the clouds allows for more solar radiation. Therefore, expect temperatures to climb each afternoon until we get to the weekend. We will see the 70’s for the first time in the Rogue … Continue reading »

Temperatures on an Upward Climb

WEATHER DISCUSSION Aside from a few high clouds Tuesday, we saw abundant sunshine.  Temperatures began on a chilly note, with mid-teens in the Klamath Basin and 20’s and 30’s elsewhere.  We will be equally chilly Wednesday morning, but the afternoon hours will hold slightly warmer temperatures.  Along the coast, a FROST ADVISORY will go into … Continue reading »

Warming Trend Begins

WEATHER DISCUSSION Now that the high pressure ridge is moving in, we will get back to quiet weather for the week. Dry, sunny and warm conditions will be the case working through at least the next seven days. Think of high pressure like a weight that’s put on the atmosphere. During the day, when the … Continue reading »

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