Walden Sweeps 2nd District Representatve

 In the U.S. House of Representatives, Republican Greg Walden is holding onto his seat for another term. 71% of voters are supporting the incumbent. Congressman Walden spoke to us about his win through skype from Washington, D.C. and plans to get right to work. “Well you know, we actually go back into session next week, … Continue reading »

WEB EXTRA: Behind the Ballot

MEDFORD, Ore., — In this NewsWatch 12 Web Extra, Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker explains what happens between the ballot leaving your hand and the results at 8:00 on election night.

State Representative Results

SALEM, Ore. — When Richardson decided to run for Governor, he vacated a seat he comfortably held for more than a decade as a Republican. Democrats saw it as an opportunity to gain a seat in the state house. Republicans have hoped the long-time success of a republican would ensure the seat stayed “red”. Duane … Continue reading »

Oregon Election November 2014 Results

Here is where you’ll find the latest numbers for the 2014 Oregon General Election. These are the preliminary results released by county election offices and the Oregon Secretary of State. Numbers will start coming in at 8 p.m. and this page will be updated on Election Night until 11:30 p.m. This article highlights the top-watched candidates … Continue reading »

Oregon Gubernatorial Results

SALEM, Ore. — In our state, Governor Kitzhaber takes the win for re-election. Political analysts say Kitzhaber is the winner over Representative Dennis Richardson, 49% to 45%. Kitzhaber served two non-consecutive terms from 1995 to 2003, before being elected for his current and third term. Now he will serve a fourth term and continue as … Continue reading »

Republicans Take the Senate

WASHINGTON — Republicans now have complete control on Capitol Hill. They were expected to keep control of the house, but now they gained the six needed seats to win the senate. The final seat came from republican Joni Ernst in Iowa. Kentucky Senator Mitch Mcconnell pulled out a solid re-election win, and is now in … Continue reading »

Your Vote: Measure 92 “GMO Labeling”

ASHLAND, Ore. — Under Measure 92, genetically engineered foods would be required to be labeled as containing ingredients with GMOs. Those voting “yes” believe this would make it easier on farmers and consumers to separate products from the way they are grown. Those voting “no” believe it would cost Oregon farmers, food companies, taxpayers and … Continue reading »

Rep. Greg Walden Discusses Election

The 2014 Midterm Election is expected to be a big night for the Republican Party nationwide. Representative Greg Walden talks with us about the possible outcomes for this year’s Midterm Election, and what they could mean for Oregon.

Advocates Find GMOs in Baby Food Formula

MEDFORD, Ore.– The results of recent Center for Food Safety test found there to be genetically engineered ingredients in three different brands of baby formula. Supporters of the measure to label GMO products in Oregon collected samples from formula sold at Wal-Mart and sent them for testing earlier this month. Monday, supporters made a presentation … Continue reading »

Ballots Continue To Be Dropped Off

MEDFORD, Ore. — Jackson County Elections officials continued counting ballots Sunday. They said with days to go there is still time for people to turn in last second ballots. As of now the elections office is on the verge of 39-percent voter turnout. They said by the time elections are here, they expect to finish … Continue reading »

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