Unemployment Tax Rates Set to Go Down

SALAM, Ore. – Unemployment tax rates for most Oregon employers will go down as of  January 1, 2015. The move is expected to save the average employer in the state about $63 a year per employee. Oregon law requires the Employment Department to use a statutory formula to determine employer payroll tax rates for the upcoming year. This money goes into the unemployment insurance trust … Continue reading »

Winds Bring Down Trees in Tigard

TIGARD, Ore. — Dozens of people in Tigard had to take a detour to work yesterday, after a massive tree came crashing down. Neighbors say the giant oak was pushed down by the winds. They also say on the way down, it took out power lines in the area and crushed a handful of cars. … Continue reading »

Legal Marijuana Will Help Oregon Economy

SALEM, Ore. — Experts say Oregon will gain about 20 million dollars per year in tax revenue from legal marijuana sales. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission chair says this is an estimation and not nailed down just yet. This budgeting is based on existing and forecasted sales and demand in the state. It also accounts … Continue reading »

Oregon Discusses Future of Pot Violation

OREGON — Recreational marijuana isn’t officially legal until next summer, but some counties in Oregon are already changing how they prosecute marijuana violations. Prosecutors in Multnomah County announced they will dismiss 50 pending cases involving marijuana, and future marijuana crimes will not be pursued. Southern Oregon authorities and the Jackson County District Attorney say enforcement … Continue reading »

Law Enforcement Discuss Marijuana Future

MEDFORD, Ore. — Measure 91 passed, but marijuana will not become legal until next July. Prosecutors are now trying to decide whether it is worth moving forward on current and future marijuana violations. The Multnomah County District Attorney recently announced, prosecutors will dismiss about 50 pending cases involving marijuana violations. In the same statement, the … Continue reading »

Oregon Int. Air Show Names New President

HILLSBORO, Ore. — The Oregon International Air Show named Bill Braack as President and will take over after Judy Willey’s nearly twenty year tenure with the Air Show. Braack previously served as the Director of Operations for the last three Air Shows, and officially began as President on November 8. Braack began as an air … Continue reading »

Same-Sex Marriage to Help Oregon Economy

SALEM, Ore. — A new study shows same-sex marriage is expected to bring millions of dollars to Oregon’s economy every year. The finance website “Nerd Wallet” looked at consumer spending on weddings, the self-identified gay and lesbian population, and overall marriage rates. They say same-sex marriage is expected to add 42 million dollars to Oregon’s … Continue reading »

“Healthiest State” Challenge for Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon is in a challenge with Iowa to become the healthiest state. Business, education and political speakers from across the state, including Southern Oregon, are meeting in Portland today to launch the promotion. The governors of each state released a video challenging each other to push for healthy states. The project aims … Continue reading »

Number of Homeless Students Increasing

SALEM, Ore. — According to education experts, the number of homeless students in Oregon is increasing. The Oregon Department of Education says nearly 19,000 students were homeless sometime during the 2013-2014 school year. That’s up more than 730 students from the year before. That number includes students who may live in motels, or bounce between homes … Continue reading »

Winds Fuel Wildfire Near Cannon Beach

CANNON BEACH, Ore. — Even with the colder weather, wildfires are still starting in Oregon. 70 mile per hour winds fueled the flames of a wildfire burning near Cannon Beach. Investigators say it is unclear what caused the fire, but hope to have it mopped up soon. Portland resources reported crews from Tillamook and forest … Continue reading »

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