Violent Media Linked to Child Aggression

CNN — A new study is taking a look at a controversial topic how parents and doctors view the effects of violent media on children. The study found a consensus among some researchers, parents, and pediatricians, and they believe violent media can increase aggression in children. 90% of pediatricians surveyed, as well as at least … Continue reading »

Joe Biden’s Son Discharged From Navy

NORFOLK, Va. — An embarrassing headline today for Vice President Biden. His second son Hunter was discharged from the Navy back in February, after testing positive for cocaine. A person familiar with the case said Hunter Biden failed a urinalysis test administered in June of last year. Hunter Biden joined the Navy Reserves at age … Continue reading »

President: National Guard for Ebola

(CNN) — President Obama has signed an executive order authorizing the National Guard and reservists to assist in the U.S. response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. More than 500 troops are already in the region and the pentagon currently has the authority to send up to 4,000. An administration official says while there … Continue reading »

Ebola Contacts May be Added to List

(CNN) — Flying out of Dallas on a specially-equipped jet, the woman who tested positive for Ebola, this week, landed in Atlanta wearing a protective suit, covered head to toe as she was loaded onto an ambulance to be taken to the CDC. It was a very different experience from her flight earlier this week. … Continue reading »

HBO to Offer Stand-Alone Streaming

(CNN) — HBO will be offering a stand-alone streaming service starting in 2015. Customers are currently able to watch HBO shows through the HBO GO app, but the app is only available to users who already pay for HBO through a cable or satellite television service. The new streaming service will allow users to watch … Continue reading »

New Ebola Case Diagnosed in Texas

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A second health care worker has been diagnosed with the Ebola virus in the United States, and CDC officials say she was on a plane the day before she started showing symptoms. Amber Vinson, 29, treated Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas and then contracted the Ebola virus. “This is a heroic person, … Continue reading »

Pets Cannot Transmit Ebola – For Now

(CNN) — Some people are asking if pets can get and pass on the Ebola virus. A Denver Veterinarian, Kevin Fitzgerald, said dog owners shouldn’t get nervous. “Do they transmit it? At least at this time the best evidence we have is dogs don’t transmit it to people.” He recommends making sure that pet owners … Continue reading »

ISIS Forces Still In Kobani

(CNN) — Kurdish fighters in the Syrian city of Kobani said they’re holding ISIS militants back for now. The city was bombarded once again by U.S. led coalition warplanes. While Kurdish fighters try to prevent ISIS from taking over the City’s border crossing into Turkey. They say if that happens, then the battle for Kobani … Continue reading »

Experimental Ebola Vaccine In Tests

(CNN) — An experimental Ebola vaccine from Canada is starting clinical trials on humans in the United States. The vaccine is being tested on healthy individuals today to see how well it works, what the side effects might be and what the proper dosage is. Studies in primates show this vaccine works both to prevent … Continue reading »

Vatican Re-Thinks Meaning of Family

(CNN) — A report released Monday showed the Vatican may be softening its stance towards gays and divorced catholics. A meeting held with the Pope and nearly 200 Bishops, Cardinals and Priests sought to change some of the language used for the meaning of family. The new language said gays have quote: ” Gifts and … Continue reading »

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