Community Organizes Occupy Movement

MEDFORD, Ore. — Parents, students, and community members in Medford are gathering on the steps of the school district office for a new strike demonstration being called an Occupy movement. At 7 a.m. on Friday, the group started walking up the stairs trying to move into the building. The doors were locked, so the organizers … Continue reading »

A Look at Classwork During Strike

MEDFORD, Ore. — Students are on Day 7 of an altered schedule since the strike began, and district officials say the coursework assigned to students from kindergarten through high school is thought-out by substitutes, principals and curriculum teams. A Lone Pine Elementary parent, Jaime Mercer, has two kids attending the school a kindergartener and a … Continue reading »

StrikeWatch: MEA and District Meet

MEDFORD, Ore. — Hundreds of teachers crowded a Medford intersection on Thursday, still drawing attention to their cause, while bargaining teams continue to inch toward progress. Both sides are keeping tight-lipped about what’s happened inside the Rogue Regency. “Both teams decided to not put information about actual bargaining out into the public, so we have … Continue reading »

StrikeWatch: Students Walk Out

MEDFORD, Ore. — Thursday marks the start of week three of the Medford teachers’ strike, and five minutes after the bell rang to start the day on Thursday, students got up from their desks and left. Those students say they won’t be going back Thursday. Students at both high schools say they got a Facebook … Continue reading »

Parents Speak Up as Bargaining Continues

MEDFORD, Ore. – Megaphones blare among a sea of parents filling the front lawn of the Medford School District headquarters. “I’d like them to open their eyes, open their ears, open their minds to what they’re doing,” said parent Jon Buckley. Fourteen days of striking have left demonstrators with little hope, but plenty of energy. … Continue reading »

Negotiations Resume Wednesday Morning

MEDFORD, Ore. – On the second week mark of the Medford teachers’ strike, the Medford Education Association and the Medford School District are meeting for yet another bargaining session. The two teams started bargaining this morning at 9:30 A.M. at the Rogue Regency Inn. District officials said their meeting Wednesday night brought the two sides to … Continue reading »

District Hopeful After Bargaining Talks

MEDFORD, Ore. – What was meant to be a quick check-in with the mediator turned into an eight hour bargaining session Tuesday. The two sides went home to rest up, the district saying they’ll be going in hopeful when bargaining resumes in the morning. The day began with a rocky start with both sides accusing … Continue reading »

School Labor Practices Under Dispute

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Medford teacher strike is not the only problem between the MEA and the school district. The two sides have been arguing over multiple Unfair Labor Practice complaints (ULP’s) while bargaining has been going on. One complaint, filed in July of last year by the MEA against the district, claims two teachers … Continue reading »

Teachers Take Rally to the Streets

MEDFORD, Ore. – Saturday morning teachers and supporters ditched the picket lines and went mobile, carrying their message on cars to get bargaining back on track. “It feels empty without the teachers,” said South Medford High School Junior Ivan Lopez. “It doesn’t feel the same.” The two sides are scheduled for a check-in with the … Continue reading »

Community Rallies to Support Teachers

MEDFORD, Ore. — On Saturday, members of the community held a solidarity rally in honor of the Medford teachers.  Several different unions, parents, and some teachers from other school districts came out to show their support.     The Medford Education Association said it is ready to be back at the bargaining table. Parents also voiced their … Continue reading »

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