World Response to Ebola Increases

(CNN) — The world’s political and financial leaders are scrambling to protect their countries and assets from Ebola. This as medical scientists work on a vaccine and treatment to protect people. A Texas clinic where a sheriff’s deputy was treated for possible Ebola-like symptoms is now closed. The clinic is set to undergo a deep … Continue reading »

ISIS Controls One-Third of Kobani

(CNN) — A Syrian rights groups said ISIS now controls one-third of the Turkish border town of Kobani. That comes as the U.S. Military said it launched eight airstrikes against ISIS targets near the town Wednesday. But the pentagon said airstrikes alone will not save the town from falling to ISIS.

Ebola in Liberia Suspends Election Dates

(CNN) — Ebola is the main focus in Liberia and it’s halting the political process. The President of Liberia suspended Senatorial Elections, so that the country could focus on containing the virus. Liberians were scheduled to vote next week. But politicians fear many will not go to the polls, because of Ebola concerns. No new … Continue reading »

Life Expectancy in U.S. Hits Record High

(CNN) — Americans are living longer than ever, according to a new report on mortality by the CDC and National Center for Health Statistics. The life expectancy in the U.S. is now 78.8 years. That’s an increase of about a month since the 2011 study. Women are expected to live about 81.2 years. For men … Continue reading »

Texas Ebola Patient Dies

(CNN) — Thomas Eric Duncan, a native of Liberia, died at a Dallas hospital Wednesday morning. Duncan had been in Texas visiting family for about four days before he started having symptoms. Doctors initially treated his flu-like sickness with medication and he was released. Days later, he was re-admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas … Continue reading »

Walmart Ends Health Insurance for Some

(CNN) — Walmart is cutting health insurance for some of its part-time employees. The world’s biggest retailer announced on a blog that workers with fewer than 30 hours a week will no longer qualify for its health insurance plan. The company says the change will affect about 2 percent of its U.S. workforce of 1.3 … Continue reading »

Ebola a “Top National Security Priority”

(CNN) — While as many as 4,000 U.S. service members may be deployed to west Africa to fight Ebola, the Pentagon says only a small number will have direct contact with patients, and all, will be kept as safe as possible. “We will do everything in our power to address and mitigate the potential risk … Continue reading »

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Rule

(CNN) — The U.S. Supreme Court kicked off its new session Monday by declaring it is staying out of the same-sex marriage debate, at least for now. The high court decided not to review appeals on same-sex marriage victories in five states: Virginia, Utah, Oklahoma, Indiana and Wisconsin. The decision clears the way for same-sex marriages … Continue reading »

Teen Charged With Trying to Join ISIS

(CNN) — A 19-year old from Chicago is in Federal custody, accused of trying to join ISIS. Mohammed Hamzah Khan stood before a judge for a brief hearing in Federal court Monday. Authorities arrested him at O’Hare International Airport Saturday. According to a criminal complaint, a round-trip ticket was purchased for Khan from Chicago to … Continue reading »

Ebola Patient Treatment Update

(CNN) — The patient at the center of the Ebola crisis is in critical condition, downgraded as his illness worsens, he’s reportedly now on a ventilator. Family members of Thomas Eric Duncan, said the 42-year old is now being given an experimental drug called “brincidofovir.” Experts said it is the best treatment available, due to … Continue reading »

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