Patient Being Tested for Ebola in CA

(CNN) — A California hospital is treating a patient suspected of having the deadly Ebola virus. Hospital staff were wearing protective clothing when an ambulance brought the patient to the emergency department of UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. Health officials said the patient was at low risk for the deadly virus, but did meet … Continue reading »

Explosion At Maternity Hospital Kills 3

(CNN) — Three people are dead, including a nurse and two infants, after a gas explosion at a maternity hospital in Mexico City. Officials said 73 others are being treated for their injuries, including about 20 newborns. Officials believe everyone who was inside during the explosion was accounted for by Friday morning. Rescue workers scrambled … Continue reading »

Legal Marijuana In the Workplace

COLORADO — Oregon is looking for ways to regulate its soon to be legal recreational marijuana industry, and one of the issues that could come up is marijuana in the workplace. That issue is becoming a topic of conversation in Colorado, where recreational marijuana is already legal. Under state law, employers do not need to … Continue reading »

Jobless Claims Fall to 15 Year Low

CNN – The fewest number of Americans filed for unemployment last week since the year 2000. Jobless claims fell to 265,000, marking the lowest that number’s been in nearly 15 years. While the number may be seen as a sign of a recovering economy, some economists aren’t celebrating the news. They said the Martin Luther … Continue reading »

Senate Approves Keystone Pipeline Bill

WASHINGTON — The Keystone XL Pipeline bill is moving forward. Just this morning, the Republican-controlled Senate approved the bill. This comes even though President Obama has threatened to veto the bill. The bill would authorize construction of the nearly 1,200 mile pipeline to carry oil from Canada to the gulf coast. Critics argue the 8-billion … Continue reading »

ISIS Hostage Exchange Deadline Passed

WASHINGTON — It’s been several hours since a deadline for a prisoner exchange passed, but there’s still no word on the fate of two hostages ISIS is holding. The militants had threatened to kill one of those hostages, a Jordanian pilot, at sunset, unless an al-Qaida prisoner was freed from death row. That woman, is … Continue reading »

Drone Crashes on White House Grounds

WASHINGTON – A drone crash on the White House grounds has secret service on alert. Reports show the man flying the device lives just a few blocks from the white house. There are also reports that he was intoxicated while flying it. The man is denying to comment on that claim. President Obama is not … Continue reading »

Man Shovels Boston Marathon Finish Line

BOSTON, Mass. – In the wake of a record breaking blizzard in the northeast, a photo emerges of a man who made it his duty to clear the snow off of the Boston Marathon finish line. The photo went viral last night with the hashtag “Boston Strong,” had police searching for the man in the … Continue reading »

City Council Meeting Leads to “Scuffle”

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Citizens and police in Missouri got into what’s being called a “scuffle” with each other during a city council meeting last night. Council members held the public meeting to discuss a bill which would create a civilian board to independently investigate police misconduct. However, the meeting ended up turning into a … Continue reading »

Murder Trial Starts for Aaron Hernandez

MASSACHUSETTS — Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is going on trial for murder. Opening statements started this morning. He is accused in the 2013 shooting death of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty in the case. In a separate incident, Hernandez is also charged in a 2012 double … Continue reading »

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