HealthWatch: Vaccinations in Children

(HealthWatch) — With the recent outbreak of the Measles in Disneyland, many parents are concerned about vaccinations in children who attend the same school as their own. One California dad has asked his sons school district to consider keeping non-vaccinated students from going to school. Carl Krawitt’s son has been battling Leukemia, and his chemo … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Diet Guide

CNN — Healthy eating may not be as hard as you think. Consuming leaner meats and cutting salt and sugar can go a long way to a healthier you. Experts say try to stick with whole, natural foods as much as possible and limit or eliminate processed foods Tamara Melton, a Registered Dietician says too … Continue reading »

HEALTHWATCH: Football and Brain Function

A new study looked at the relationship between the exposure to repeated head impacts in tackle football, prior to age 12, and brain function. The study, published in the medical journal Neurology by researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine, took 42 former N.F.L. players, ages 40-69, and divided them into two groups. The … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Neuroma

MEDFORD, Ore — A neuroma is a nerve problem in the foot. It can become pinched in a one-time situation, like wearing a pair of shoes that are too tight, or from a trauma to the foot. They can happen slowly over time from repeated use or stress which can aggravate and inflame the nerve. … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Mood Swings

MEDFORD, Ore.– People with diabetes can have mood swings for many reasons. It could be anything from blood sugar fluctuations to the psychological stress of having the disease. That’s why doctors say one way to know,  is to check your blood sugar, then talk to your doctor if its too high or too low. Right now … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Diabetes and Mood

(CNN) – Diabetes can affect both your physiological and mental health.  One of the psychological side effects that can be challenging to diagnose is mood swings.  But depression and emotional distress are more common in diabetes patients than you might think. Diabetes patients can have mood swings for many reasons. It could be anything from … Continue reading »

HEALTHWATCH: Men and Selfies

HEALTHWATCH — A new study is not painting a pretty picture for men who post a lot of selfies on social media. Eight hundred men age 18 to 40 were asked to complete and online survey. They were asked about their photo posting behavior and filled out a standard questionnaire. Researchers found that men who … Continue reading »

Healthwatch: Low Testosterone Therapy

Medford, Ore.– Testosterone therapy we’ve seen the ads claiming that it can treat the problem of “Low T,” or low testosterone which some say leads to everything from decreased energy to faltering sex drive. But recent studies linking this treatment to heart disease have given some men pause. Now, a new review of research suggesting … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Fighting Obesity with Sleep

(CNN) — Doctors call childhood obesity an epidemic. In fact, the number of kids who are overweight has doubled in the past 30 years, while the number of overweight adolescents has quadrupled. This has the medical community concerned. A new study pin points one of the potential problems. In 2012, more than one third of … Continue reading »

Oregon is a Concern for Measles Outbreak

Medford, Ore. – ABC’s Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser said he is concerned about Oregon as the measles outbreak continues. He said living in a state with low vaccination rates does increase the chance of contracting measles saying, “Oregon is one of the states that really has me worried.” Dr. Besser said he … Continue reading »

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