Sustainable Table: OSU Extension Service

MEDFORD, Ore. — The summer and fall harvests in Oregon are worth waiting for, but by learning a few tricks you can eat local all year long. Jennifer Levin is a University of Oregon professor by day, but also a Master Food Preserver with the OSU Extension Service. “Sauerkraut is a great example of a … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Wylie’s Honey Brews

MEDFORD, Ore. — Armed with local honey and a long ingredient list of spices from as far away as Hawaii, a Rogue Valley man is brewing up something special. The only turmeric beverage in the entire country is made in the Rogue Valley, it’s one of several flavors of Wylie’s Honey Brews. “Turmeric, Ginger, Mate … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Standing Stone

MEDFORD, Ore. — At Standing Stone Brewing Company in Ashland, plates fly out of the kitchen at dinner time, hot food for hungry visitors. Some of that food hasn’t even traveled that far, just a mile down the road. A mile down the road live a couple flocks of chickens, a small herd of cattle, a … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Red Duck Ketchup

Ketchup is a classic condiment. Chances are, you have a bottle or two in your fridge. But it’s probably the traditional tomato type. Perhaps you’ve heard of the site, “Kickstarter.” It’s where people can donate to companies and ideas we feel are worthy. One of those ideas is pretty saucy and it’s fundraising ends Friday. … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: From Seed to Store

WIMER, Ore. — There are dozens of local farms and companies contributing to the supply of food grown and made in the Rogue Valley. While many of those producers have mastered their craft getting a product to the consumer can take a very different set of skills. The tiny basil plants at The Farming Fish … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Picking a CSA

MEDFORD, Ore. — The growing season has started and local produce is once again arriving at stores and farmers markets’. In fact, there are lots of ways to get local food on your table. There are more than a dozen Community Supported Agriculture programs in Southern Oregon. They are more commonly called CSA’s and they … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Medford’s DishCrawl

  MEDFORD, Ore. — Half a dozen restaurants have moved into downtown Medford in the past year and there’s a new movement to highlight both the new and established locally owned eateries. People new and familiar with Medford’s food scene are crawling all over downtown for Medford’s DishCrawl. DishCrawl organizer Michael Davis explains why, “It’s … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Slow Money

MEDFORD, Ore. — Words like “capital,” “enterprise,” and “economics” may not conjure up images of locally grown lettuce or the farmer’s market, but a diverse group of people invested in local food production want to change that. Over a dinner of local food and wine, local investors and leaders in the food industry met to … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Albertson’s

ASHLAND, Ore. — A grocery store was named “Ashland’s Business Conservationalist of the Year” in 2012, and their efforts to produce zero waste are paying off in more ways then one. The Albertson’s store in Ashland went through a green remodel one year ago. One of the many things they changed to be more energy … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Pasture to Plate

ASHLAND, Ore. — There are many local meat producers in Southern Oregon. There are also many consumers, from families and schools to restaurants and grocery stores, but connecting producer to consumer without a middle man can present some challenges. The cows out to pasture on Valley View Beef Ranch in Ashland are all mamas and … Continue reading »

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