Wildlife Encounters for Spring Break

A cheetah from Wildlife Safari visited Newswatch 12 today. Wildlife Safari officials said spring break is the perfect time to visit, “It’s not so hot yet, so the animals are lower, closer to the road so you’re really going to get a bird’s eye view of the animals.” It also has a lot of new … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Viewmaster

KERBY, Ore. — Who doesn’t remember the Viewmaster? But did you know that that famous toy has its roots in Oregon, particularly Southern Oregon? It all started in 1938 when the president of the sawyer picture postcard company ran into Portland photographer Bill Gruber at the caves. Gruber was taking stereo photos, and they started … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: PS4 Parental Controls

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Sony Playstation 4 is one of the hottest-selling gaming systems. It’s parental controls can restrict content that you might not want your children to  see, like violent games or adult content. But Consumer Reports says you could be surprised by what the PS4′s parental controls allow. You can block kids from … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Expanding Statin Use

DURHAM, N. Ca. — Half of Americans between the ages of 40 and 75 should be on statins, which treat high cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease. That expanded number was calculated by Duke Researchers and published online this week in the New England Journal of Medicine. It means about 12.8 million more u.s. adults should … Continue reading »

Out & About: March 20, 2014

Spring Whale Watching Head to the coast this weekend and throughout the next week for the Spring Whale Watching Week on the Oregon coast. Park staff say 160 gray whales pass along the coast each day during their migration peak. Some 18,000 gray whales travel from their breeding grounds on Mexico’s Baja Coast to their … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Salt Intake and Teens

SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. — Researchers say that kids eating too much salt can lead to premature aging, but not in the way most people think about the process. Instead of wrinkles and greying hair, the overindulgence in salt can lead to cell structures changing which in turn causes earlier risk of heart disease. Haidong Zhu, … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Alzheimer’s Risk

  MEDFORD, Ore. — The just-released Alzheimer’s Association 2014 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report shows women in their 60s are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease as they are breast cancer. The report states that a woman’s estimated lifetime risk of developing Alzheimer’s at age 65 is 1 in 6, compared with nearly … Continue reading »

Juice Bar Opens In Ashland

ASHLAND, Ore. - Health enthusiasts are posting, tweeting, and pinning about the latest health craze: “juicing.” The process starts by pressing pounds of whole fruits and vegetables into a couple servings of juice. The sudden popularity is prompting juice bars to open in cities all over the country. NW Raw in Ashland is a new business … Continue reading »

Taking Flight: Soaring on Stage

Medford, Ore. — A toddler who doctors said would never walk is doing that and much more.  In fact, she’s performing in a talent show. Logos Charter School adopted Lila Gridley as their Sparrow.  The toddler has spina bifida.  After her first surgery at six months old doctors said not only would dancing be unlikely, … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Colon Cancer Rates Decline

MEDFORD, Ore. — The American Cancer Society is reporting a 30% decrease in the number of colon cancer cases in the past 10 years. Researchers say that drop is directly related to the number of colonoscopy’s that are performed. The American Cancer Society says “screening has the potential to prevent colon cancer because it can … Continue reading »

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