HealthWatch: Alaska Tops Wellness Study

MEDFORD, Ore. — For some, wellness is physical health and exercise. For others, it’s having finances under control or being surrounded by friends and loved ones. The combination of all of these things is well-being and now a new report shows not all states are doing well. Researchers at Gallup Healthways surveyed more than 176,000 … Continue reading »

In the Kitchen: Apple Cauliflower Soup

MEDFORD, Ore. — Cauliflower is a trendy new ingredient in many recipes. Rachel Downing with NW Raw Juice Bar explained why it also has health benefits.

HealthWatch: Exclusion Day

More than 130 students in Jackson County were taken out of school today…because their vaccination records were incomplete. That left some parents scrambling to find health clinics with openings in the middle of the week. School administrators called some parents back…almost immediately after they dropped kids off at school wednesday. Any students in oregon schools … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Technology and Kids

CNN — For many children and teenagers, electronics are a way of life but is that good for kids? Doctors Gene Beresin and Ellen Braaten work at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds. They say there’s no evidence yet, that technology is turning kid’s brains, as some parents fear, to mush. They say … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Meditation and the Mind

HealthWatch — A mindful revolution is taking place in America. Some say the simple act of meditating can change your mind, making your happier, more effective, and healthier.

Taking Flight: Language of Love

MEDFORD, Ore.– Kennedy Elementary School is rallying around their new sparrow. The school adopted their sparrow this month, a girl who many of them already knew. Eight year old Jimena Moreno is new to Oregon and that means she’s the new girl at Kennedy Elementary. But still, her classmates are taking her in, and helping … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Dairy Case Junk Food

The dairy case is bulging with new products that seem like tasty ways to get more protein, calcium, and other nutrients into your diet. But Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine says many are just surprise junk foods. Amy Keating of Consumer Reports says, “Dairy foods can pack a lot of sugar, both natural and added. They … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Therapy Ponies

Jodie Diegel: “They are very mild tempered. very kind and gentle.” And that’s crucial because they have a very important job to do. They are therapy horses visiting the disabled, elderly and sick. Corin Garcia: “Its comforting because its not like you have to sit there and face to face tell a person like that. … Continue reading »

Getting “Pinked” for Cancer

MEDFORD, Ore.– Over the next few months, you may see more pink in some local yards than normal. It’s called “pinking,” and it is meant to raise money for the American Cancer Society and a team participating in Relay for Life. To participate, a person donates $20 to nominate someone to get “pinked.” That person’s yard … Continue reading »

MONEYWATCH: Largest Bank Heist Ever

(CNN)– It looks like a few Russian hackers have just pulled off the biggest bank heist ever. The numbers are shocking: hundreds of millions of dollars were stolen from 100 banks in 30 countries. The exact amount is unknown at this point. On top of that, the banks could lose possibly hundreds of millions more … Continue reading »

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