HealthWatch: New Diabetes Treatments

MEDFORD, Ore. —  Diabetes specialists are announcing new forms of treatment appearing on the market for people facing both type one and type two diabetes. Brand new on the market is inhaled insulin. There is also a new pill class being introduced for people facing type two diabetes. With Feb. being American Heart Month, Asante … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Helping Children With Shots

CNN — If you stress about taking your child to get vaccines and shots, you’re not alone. There are ways to make the experience a positive one for you and your kids. When children go to the doctor, the first question they usually ask is “will i get a shot?” Doctors say there are good … Continue reading »

Healthwatch: Love Your Heart

Healthwatch — According to a recent heart health survey, half of Americans tried a diet in the last year to potentially improve their heart health, but chose the wrong one. According to the study, men are less likely to change their diet due to past heart problems than women. Doctors say that’s because women are … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Autism Garden

This is Lion Heart Gardens, a one-acre organic farm at the Lion Heart School, which helps children with autism and other communication challenges. Katherine Kennedy says, “Every single crop on this farm is grown by the kids in one way or another. It serves the general purpose of being a farm, but it’s also a … Continue reading »

Measles Outbreak Concerns Continue

  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has just released new numbers involving the measles outbreak. It is reporting twenty new cases in the last week.  121 people from 17 states have been reported to have measles in the latest outbreak. Dr. Barbara Sibley with Southern Oregon Pediatrics said it concerns her that the measles … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Eating Out Healthily

MEDFORD, Ore. — Eating out may seem like an easier option to cooking, but it’s not always best for our diet. Providence Medford Medical Center’s Kristin Salamone offers some tips for finding the best options on the menu for your taste buds and your diet.

Healthwatch: How Much Sleep You Need

The National Sleep Foundation has released new guidelines for the amount of sleep people need each night. The new guidelines include small changes to the recommended amount of sleep children and teens should be getting. There are also new ranges for adults. Instead of grouping adults as one category, the recommendations now break the group … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: The Gentle C

By Linda Ciampa (CNN) — If you delivered your baby by Cesarean, or C-section, you know it’s a major surgical procedure that can be frightening and can feel anything but natural. But one Boston hospital is trying to change all that with something called The Gentle C. Monique Reese was unable to have a natural … Continue reading »

Heart Health Self-Assessment

MEDFORD, Ore. —  Doctors say it’s important for patients to take control of their own health. For National Heart Month, a local hospital is launching a new online test so anyone can assess their own health from home. Newswatch12’s Kirstin O’Connor explains why the results are surprising people with lifestyles that seem healthy.

Healthwatch: Weight Loss Risks

CNN — Having weight-loss surgery is a big decision, and there can be complications. For Ron Coothran, obesity has been a life long struggle. He tried several diets but balooned to well over 350 pounds. He opted for the “gold standard” in weight loss surgery, the gastric bypass. The surgery itself went well but just … Continue reading »

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