HealthWatch: Heroin Overdosing Increases

As the nation struggles with an epidemic of pain pill addiction a new report says a related but growing problem is that more Americans are dying from an illegal drug. A new Centers for Disease Ccontrol report shows that, even as the prescription painkiller problem may be leveling off, the nation is facing a new … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Women’s Health Insurance

Oregon legislators are looking at a bill that would cover all women’s reproductive health issues. If passed, the bill would require health insurance companies to pay for contraception, abortion, pre-natal care, childbirth, and post partum care. Those who agree with the bill say they support most of the aspects of it, like insurance paying for … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Celiac Disease

CNN — Just mention the word “gluten”, and you’re likely to get a whole host of reactions. In the past few years it has become a dirty word to people who say they have a “gluten sensitivity.” Gluten’s a protein found in foods like wheat, rye and barley and for those with celiac disease, eating it … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Negative Napping and Kids

HealthWatch — A new study shows a midday nap may not be as beneficial to your child as originally believed. Researchers looked at 26 studies of nap time for children ages birth to 5 years old. They found the most consistent finding among the studies was that naps lead to short and poorer quality of … Continue reading »

Medford Seeks New School Health Center

MEDFORD — Every Medford high school has a nurse’s office for sick students. But the addition of a school-based health center would add all the resources of a medical clinic to students while they’re in class. The school based health centers that are already in Medford elementary schools offer medical, dental, and even mental health services. Now … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Social Jet Lag

HealthWatch — Monday marks the beginning of “Sleep Awareness Week”. It’s an annual campaign aimed at promoting the importance of sleep. Doctors say there is a phenomenon in the sleep world that’s gaining steam called “Social Jet Jag”. They say it includes a feeling of “Jet Jay” when we sleep in on the weekends, then … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Ear Infections

Doctors say ear infections are one of the most common illnesses in children -and they can be more common during the winter months. Doctors say it’s not unusual for kids to suffer through one or two of them… especially if they’re in daycare or school. But experts say three or more ear infections should be … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Coffee Cure

HealthWatch — Studies show coffee intake has been linked to a reduced risk of several diseases including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Now two new studies find drinking coffee may also protect against Multiple Sclerosis. Researchers studied more than 2,000 people, half of which were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. They found people who did not drink coffee … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Migraine Pain

CNN — It’s estimated 36 million Americans suffer from migraines. Migraines are a neurological disorder commonly characterized by severe headaches. Medications can alleviate migraine symptoms, but there is no cure. Dr. Carolyn Bernstein from Beth Israel-Deaconess Medical Center says there’s not one thing we can do to end the migraines for all time at this … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Food Addiction

HealthWatch — A new study shows that certain foods may be as addictive as drugs or alcohol. Researchers studied more than 500 participants. They were broken into two groups. The first group was asked to indicate, out of 35 foods with varying nutritional values, which ones they most associated with addictive behaviors. Using the same … Continue reading »

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