Oregon is a Concern for Measles Outbreak

Medford, Ore. – ABC’s Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser said he is concerned about Oregon as the measles outbreak continues. He said living in a state with low vaccination rates does increase the chance of contracting measles saying, “Oregon is one of the states that really has me worried.” Dr. Besser said he … Continue reading »

HEALTHWATCH: Making Time for Exercise

(ABC) — For many of us, time is a luxury item. Especially since we’re “supposed to” get 30 minutes of exercise each weekday, and 150 minutes of exercise per week. Because of this, a lot of us give up before we even start. But there is some good news from doctors this week. They looked … Continue reading »

HEALTHWATCH: How Stress Impacts The Body

MEDFORD, Ore. — In anticipation of the 5th Annual Rogue Valley Health Fair on Saturday, January 24th, we were joined on NewsWatch 12 This Morning by a specialist to talk about how stress impacts our bodies. Mark Rich is from the Alphabiotic Brain Balance Center in Ashland. He gives tips on ways to identify the … Continue reading »

HEALTHWATCH: Take Off Pounds Sensibly

MEDFORD, Ore. – “Take Off Pounds Sensibly” is a program designed to help people make positive life choices, in order to reach their weight-loss goals. NewsWatch12’s Danielle Craig spoke with Shelia Jones, a program representative, about how health isn’t just about the number on the scale, but how you feel, inside and out.

HEALTHWATCH: Coffee and Skin Cancer

(ABC) — Coffee is one of America’s go-to drinks, and a new study may give us another excuse to have a 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th cup. The journal of the “National Cancer Institute” suggests that coffee may curb the risk of malignant melanoma, a potentially deadly skin cancer. Researchers looked at medical records for … Continue reading »

HEALTHWATCH: Prepaing Pets for new Baby

(CNN) — Bringing a baby home for the first time can be a “ruff” experience for some dogs, but with a little help, things can be much smoother. Meredith Minkin is a certified dog trainer. She recommends dogs, who have not been exposed to children, receive training before a newborn arrives. “I oftentimes ask owners … Continue reading »

Breastfeeding Mothers Hold Nurse-In

[UPDATE] A representative with Walmart says there was a room made available for the employee to use while breastfeeding. She said there was a key provided to the employee to lock the door for privacy. The representative also said Walmart is supportive of mothers who are breastfeeding and want to accommodate them as much as … Continue reading »


ABC) — The first cry of a newborn baby, it’s a sound that may be becoming less familiar in the U.S. This according to new C.D.C. data showing that birth rates here have been going down since 2007, now hitting an all-time low. The reasons for this are various. Many women are waiting longer to … Continue reading »

Flu Shot Less Effective This Year

MEDFORD, Ore. — Doctors and clinics in Southern Oregon received an advisory on Thursday. It is from the CDC and warns physicians that the flu vaccine is falling short of the predicted impact on influenza. 52 percent of flu samples were not a good match for the current vaccine, and this year’s strain, the H3N2, is especially bad. This … Continue reading »

Oregon’s “Aid in Dying” Law One of Five

MEDFORD, Ore., — Oregon is one of just five states which have a “Death with Dignity” law. The law which was established in 1997 legally protects a patient’s right to end their own life.  However, the process to get to that point is purposely very specific and includes several qualifications.  A doctor must determine the … Continue reading »

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