Cash Donation Made for Voters’ Pamphlet

Cash Donation

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Voters in Josephine County will have a chance to cast their votes on a number of ordinances about code enforcement and solid waste abatement.

A group of citizens has been against those ordinance plans, and wanted to voice their opinion in a voters’ pamphlet. The problem though, is the county didn’t want to print one.

County leaders say it would cost more than $10,000 to print an official voters’ pamphlet this fall. Instead, they chose to spend half that amount, print an insert that would be included with the ballot, and feature the entire text of the ordinances.

Citizens against the plan said there would be no room on the insert for opinions for and against, so the group raised money, and at today’s commissioner meeting, former commissioner Sandi Cassanelli presented $5,400 in cash to help pay for a full pamphlet.

Board Chair Simon Hare said he was against the ordinance plans because he felt they were likely to be defeated. He said he did not want the county to spend money on an election.

“For me, these are outside the scope of what I would put as a priority for Josephine County,” Hare explained.

But the money does not mean that a pamphlet will actually be made. Commissioner Hare said the board will decide whether to spend the money on a voters’ pamphlet, or keep the insert instead. If they keep the insert, the money would be returned to the citizens group.