Casey Coulter: Amateur AotW

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Grants Pass wrestler Casey Coulter has his sights set high. He’s seeking a higher number of state championships, a higher weight class and a higher national ranking.
As a junior, Casey has one state championship at 106 pounds, and he currently ranks 10th nationally according to Wrestling USA Magazine.

Cavemen wrestling coach Ben Coulter says, “It puts a lot of pressure on him now to follow that up so as a coach we’ve got to keep him keyed in to wanting to get that next step. Right now he’s number 10 amongst the juniors in the nation. He’s the tenth in the nation, which is neat to see, but he wants to be that top three guy.”

It won’t get any easier. Because of last year’s undefeated season, Casey has a bullseye on his back, and he also moved up a weight class to 113.

Casey Coulter says, “There’s definitely a little bit more pressure. There’s a lot of eyes looking at me seeing what I’m going to do and seeing if I’m going to mess up.”

Two of those eyes looking at Casey are those of his father. Ben Coulter is also his coach.

“I stress that he’s always got to be the example,” Ben says, “and that’s the tough part of being the coach’s kid, but he’s never let me down. He’s always been that example for the guys. He’s always been the hardest worker in the room.”

“He’s just a little harder on me as a coach,” Casey says. “He just wants to see me work harder than everybody else, and also wants to see me doing better than everybody, but it’s also got its perks. You’ve got somebody to talk to when you’re struggling with weight or had a tough practice or something like that. You’ve really got somebody at home that you can talk to.”

They say they leave the wrestling at the gym. When they go home, it’s just Casey and Dad, but when they’re back on the mats, the focus turns to the state champ, his coach and their high aspirations.