Cascade Christian Meets New Sparrow

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Cascade Christian High School has adopted its newest sparrow.

It was an “awesome” welcoming for an “awesome” Sparrow; that “awesome” with an emphasis on the word “me”, Hunter Johnson’s outgoing and positive attitude isn’t the only thing that makes him unique.

It’s actually part of a disorder he shares with only 30,000 people nationwide. Only one in 10,000 people have Williams Syndrome. It’s a nuero-developmental disorder affecting almost every aspect of Hunter’s life. It also plays a role in his social behavior.

Monday afternoon, the 12-year-old made friends when Cascade Christian High School adopted him as their Sparrow during an assembly. After the assembly, many of the high school students came to the front of the auditorium to personally introduce themselves to Hunter and his parents, pledging their help to raise money for the Johnsons.

The Sparrow Clubs supports a local family in need while energizing teenagers to do some good. The support around Hunter shows what makes him different may also be what makes him just that “awesome”.

Cascade Christian High School students are already getting ready to support their Sparrow. They plan to be involved in a relay event called “Walk For Sparrows” in March, bringing all local Sparrow Clubs and the community together.

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  1. Gail German says:

    Thank you Cascade Christian High School!

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