Car Wash Recycles Water

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MEDFORD, Ore. — As Jackson County waits for the governor’s approval of its drought declaration, ┬álocal car washes are working to cut down on water use.

According to the International Car Wash Association, taking your car to the car wash uses about the same amount of water as an average person’s shower. Those who chose to wash their cars at home tend to use more than twice that much when they use a hose without a regulated nozzle.

Though the city does not regulate water used at car washes, many of them are working to do that themselves.

“We keep all of our car wash water here and then we recycle about 60 percent of it. Periodically we do have to get rid of it, and then
refresh it with new water but year round we recycle about 60 percent of our own water,” said owner of Quench and Drench, Joe Arnesen.

With the drought in Southern Oregon, officials are urging water preservation in any way possible.