Kyron Horman’s Family Holds Car Wash

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MEDFORD, Ore. —  It has been almost four years since a young boy disappeared from his Portland elementary school.

Despite extensive search efforts, Kyron Horman has never been found, but his mother is not giving up.

June 4th marks the four year anniversary of Kyron Horman’s disappearance, but his mother Desiree Young said not a day goes by that she doesn’t think about her beloved son.

For the past few weeks, Young has been having putting on car wash fundraisers throughout the state, raising money for an independent nonprofit search team out of Florida.

The team will come in and search a newly identified area in Portland.

“They have a lot of specialized equipment for the searches,” said Young.  “They are very well experienced with searches, and they have dog teams and people they know locally.”

The past four years have not been easy for the family.

“I guess we were kind of expecting a little bit more.. you know but we don’t get any information, and progress really hasn’t been made over a long span of this time,” said Richard Davidson, Kyron’s grandpa.

“It’s hard… we do whatever it takes though to keep moving forward and keep looking for him and not stop,” said Kelly Ramirez, Kyron’s aunt.

Relentlessly searching for answers, communities across Oregon have been supporting Kyron’s family every step of the way.

“There was such a huge amount of response for Kyron in the very beginning and now four years later,” said Young.

Donning bracelets and buttons with Kyron’s name, the family said they will never give up hope that their little Kyron is still alive and will one day return home.

The family has set up an online donation site.  Anyone who wants to donate to help fund the family’s latest search effort is urged to do so here.