Car vs. Pedestrian Crash Ends Tragically

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NEAR WHITE CITY, Ore. — Police responded to the scene of a reported accident involving two cars and a pedestrian Sunday night. The person was crossing Table Rock Road and one vehicle struck him going north, the other going south.

Police explained 19-year-old Jesse Meadows was traveling north on Table Rock Road in a 1998 gray Honda Civic, going between 45 and 50 miles per hour. He had just passed Whiskey River Bar when a male pedestrian, identified as 54-year-old Frank Charlton, stepped into the northbound lane of traffic and attempted to walk across Table Rock Road. Meadows slammed on his brakes, and attempted to swerve, but he struck Charlton.

Charlton was thrown into the southbound lane of travel. Meadows stopped his vehicle, turned on his hazard lights, called 911, and tried to stop traffic. A few seconds later, Charlton was struck by a second vehicle, a 2012 white Ford Focus, driven by 21-year-old Jacob Lyon. Lyon was going about 45 miles per hour when he saw a large object lying in the road, and slammed on his brakes. Lyon was unable to stop in time.

“A vehicle was going northbound and the pedestrian was in the roadway and struck the pedestrian and the pedestrian was knocked into the other vehicle,” said Sergeant Jeremy Whipple with Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

Charlton was pronounced dead at the scene by a Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Medical Examiner. Police said both drivers consented to roadside testing and neither were found to be impaired. Both drivers were uninjured. Toxicology results were taken for Charlton and are not available at this time.

Table Rock Road and East Gregory were closed for about three hours due to the crash.


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  1. s watson says:

    This intersection has been a problem for years. Add the tavern to the equation and you get a disaster waiting to happen. Sad thing is it takes more than one death to get this county to fix problems. They seem to forget people do live in this area. My condolences to all the families involved in this tragedy.

  2. Kristi says:

    Half of this story is cut off on the right side. Can’t even read it!

    1. Kristi says:

      never mind, lol. It just corrected.

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